Our Indonesian lawyers will work closely with clients by assisting and advising them on general corporate matters such as:

  • Formation of corporation;
  • Joint venture arrangements;
  • Shareholders agreements;
  • General meeting of shareholders;
  • Corporate action plan and execution;
  • Amendment of company's article of association;
  • Commercial and transaction matters;
  • Divestment and shares transfer;
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization; and
  • Shares or stocks issues.

TAJI MAHARA Law Office can undertake M&A transactions regardless of size, complexity, or location from beginning to close. The firm's M&A practice is also capable of dealing with medium-sized and smaller transactions, including those for middle-market and emerging companies.

We will assist clients in their M&A transactions by providing legal due diligence, advisory, preparation of transaction documents, and other required documents from beginning to completion.

Indonesia is brimming with foreign investment opportunities. Our lawyers have the ability and experience to assist foreign investors in establishing their businesses in Indonesia.

Indonesian company owned by foreigners is called "Foreign Capital Investment Company" (PT. PMA). Our lawyers will work closely to assist foreign investors in establishing their Foreign Capital Investment Company in Indonesia through direct investment, joint venture, or acquisition.

We can fully assist start-up companies in their fundraising activities through equity or non-equity fundraising, either directly to Indonesia or via a holding company outside Indonesia.

TAJI MAHARA Law Office will advise clients on broad range of corporate action deals such as acquisition, debt-to-equity, corporate reorganization, investment, share swap, and other complex transactions.

Our firm can assist clients in all phases of business arrangements, including contract negotiation, contract drafting, contract review, and contract execution, from a simple sale and purchase to a complex cross-border transaction agreement.

Even though we are known as a law office determined to provide strong protection for clients, we are also known as the deal-maker law office.

Our attorneys are fully capable of providing legal advice regarding a broad range of corporate finance matters in accordance with Indonesian laws.

We have the experience to assist our clients on secured financing issues, corporate regulatory compliance, company's capital raise, and financing legal documents drafting and preparation.

We can assist the client in their transportation and logistics busines from licensing requirements, contractual arrangement, to corporate actions matters.

We have the experience to assist our client in their logistics business, freight forwarding activities, time charter arrangements, vessel operations, and transshipment.

We have advised corporate clients in their technology business, such as obtaining licensing and permits, preparing tech-related agreements, online terms and conditions, data privacy matters, and intellectual property advisory.

We help clients with sound technical knowledge in Indonesian law to navigate through the complex legal issues that often arise when developing, licensing or acquiring technology-related products.

Our Mining & Energy practice provides regulatory and strategic advice and assistance to mining and other entities in various aspects of the energy business.

We have the experience to assist our clients on secured financing issues, corporate regulatory compliance, company's capital raise, and financing legal documents drafting and preparation.

The firm's Mining & Energy practice is primarily focused on general corporate, M&A, legal due diligence, corporate finance, regulatory compliance, labor & employment, joint venture transactions and commercial litigation involving mining & energy companies, as well as advising such companies on a wide range of non-transactional matters.

Our advocates have extensive work and experience in a broad spectrum of commercial litigation matters. We have represented individuals and corporations in disputes relating to trade, finance & banking, energy, mining, transportation, commercial contracts, property, consumer protection, securities investment, and many more.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their best interests are protected in all stages of the court’s proceedings.

Our lawyers have the experience and expertise and are fully equipped to represent clients before the state administrative court (Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara).

The firm's lawyers litigate in the courts on the full range of labor and employment law matters, including at the administrative proceedings before the local regency-level manpower office for conducting the compulsory mediation or conciliation proceedings.

We are known for results as well as relationships.

TAJI MAHARA Law Office provides clients with experience and knowledge of the intricacies of debtor-creditor relations and bankruptcy laws.

Our experienced attorneys represent entity and individual creditors and debtors in all phases of bankruptcy petition, from out-of-court workouts to all facets of bankruptcy cases and suspension of debt payment obligations under the Bankruptcy Code.

Our firm understands that litigation in Indonesia is often associated with lengthy courtroom showdowns. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including mediation, negotiation & arbitration, is one way to resolve disputes in a quick and efficient manner.

We have experience resolving disputes in the Indonesia National Arbitration Board (Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia - BANI) and assisting clients in enforcing international or foreign arbitration awards in Indonesia.

TAJI MAHARA Law Office's Employment & Industrial Relations practice is full service in every sense.

We represent and advise clients regarding the entire spectrum of Employment & Industrial Relations matters. We are capable of representing every type of client, from start-up companies to multinationals, from non-profits and public sector entities to private and public companies.

Our Indonesian lawyers will work closely with clients by assisting and advising them on employment matters such as:

  • fixed-term employment agreements and indifinite term employment agreements;
  • company regulation;
  • code of conduct and employment handbooks;
  • termination issues;
  • misconduct;
  • severance arrangements;
  • industrial relations disputes; and
  • other broad spectrum of Indonesia employment laws.

Our Expertise

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