About Taji Mahara Law Office

TAJI MAHARA Law Office (TM Law Office), formerly known as TAJI & REKAN or TNR law firm, is an Indonesian multi-practice law office operating with a mindset to provide first-class legal services to Indonesian and foreign clients throughout Indonesia and around the globe. TM Law Office's lawyers cover different aspects of law, including general corporate and business law, fundraising, foreign investment, merger and acquisition (M&A), commercial transactions, commercial disputes and litigation, securities, employment issues, contracts, and arbitration.

We have a deep understanding of Indonesian law, enabling us to effectively navigate cross-border legal issues for our clients from Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, China, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, and other countries around the globe.

Our goal and purpose are to ensure that our clients will get what they want and need in an efficient and timely manner. We deliver insight and expertise, responsiveness, reliability, and professionalism to exceed our client's needs. In an atmosphere of trust and familiarity, we are passionate about understanding each client's business, industry, and goals.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as an intelligent, principled, and honest law firm in Indonesia. We like to think that is why so many of our clients have remained loyal for so many years. Building strong and substantial client relationships was and remains the prime focus for TM Law Office's business strategy and future developments.

International Affiliations

At TM Law Office, we believe that the best way to provide our clients with world-class legal services is through collaboration. That's why we have forged good relationships with esteemed international and foreign law firms located in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, the Philippines, and other countries. By working closely together, we are able to combine our expertise and resources to offer our clients unparalleled legal support.

Why Us?

Our Principal Attorney has 20 years of experience practicing law in Indonesia. We are confident that we have the expertise, know-how, and practical approach to performing first-class legal service, providing solutions, and meeting clients' expectations.

Regular contact with our law office's Principal Attorney will facilitate good client communication. Our law office’s philosophy is centered on building solid and substantial client relationships, communicating with clients to learn about their needs, and answering their concerns.

Client service is the principal goal of our law office. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

Our law office is multi-specialists, equipped to handle a broad range of Indonesian law issues.

Our legal professionals and attorneys are committed to bringing results, providing solutions, and meeting clients' expectations.

We are the experts in our field. We have structured our work approach to anticipate what will come up next for our clients. We want our clients to be protected, know what they are dealing with, and understand how to navigate complex legal issues in Indonesia.

One of our strength lies in our capability to apply a fixed fee arrangement to accommodate clients who are interested in a fee structure other than standard hourly billing. This is because we recognize the importance of affordability. We are up front about costs. Our clients will not get caught off guard.

Our Expertise

We have structured our practice into three (3) practice groups. Each practice group consists of related legal services to the practice. Click the practice below for further explanation regarding our practice areas.

Corporate & Commercial

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Commercial Disputes / Litigation

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Employment & Industrial Relations

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